Our Mission Statement & Aims

School Mission Statement


Be the best we can be

Co-operate with each other but learn to be independent

Respect ourselves, each other, our school and our world

Celebrate our differences and treat people fairly

Celebrate our Christian faith

Have fun learning and experiencing things with our friends


Written by the Class of 2009-2010   Updated by the School Council of 2014-15


At Wroot Travis Church of England Primary School we believe that the size of our school provides a particular opportunity for our children to experience learning and living together in a caring Christian school family. We are aware of the special advantages afforded by our size but equally guard against complacency and insularity. We strive to create a secure and inclusive Christian environment within which each child may develop their full potential as a positive member of our local, national and global communities.

We aim to provide each child with a broad and balanced education and in particular:

  • to enable each child to achieve his or her full potential in all aspects of the curriculum:
  • to foster each child’s self esteem and to respect and care for others:
  • to develop in each child a love of learning and an accumulation of skills:
  • to allow each to explore their faith through teaching, worship and reflection
  • to nurture each child’s spiritual awareness and sense of awe and wonder:
  • to develop in each child a positive sense of moral responsibility and self-discipline:
  • to help our children to learn to live together in a multi-cultural society:
  • to encourage our children to become responsible, independent citizens who value the world around them:
  • to develop strong partnerships between pupils, staff, parents, Governors, the Church and the LA to enable us to achieve these aims 

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