School Curriculum

You can find out more about the National Curriculum our school is following by visiting the DFE website.

Reading in our school

The reading schemes that we use in school are the Oxford Reading Scheme and Collins. Once the children are competent in reading they are encouraged to read a wide range of literature from both modern and classic authors. We maintain a small library within school but are also visited by the Local Authority mobile library once a month.

KS2 Long Term Plans

Long Term Plan 2018-19 - KS2 Y3-4 A                                    Long Term Plan 2018-19 - KS2 Y5-6 A

Long Term Plan 2019-20 - KS2 Y3-4 B                                   Long Term Plan 2019-20 - KS2 Y5-6 B

Long Term Plan 2020-21 - KS2 Y3-4 C                                   Long Term Plan 2020-21 - KS2 Y5-6 C

Long Term Plan 2021-22 - KS2 Y3-4 D                                   Long Term Plan 2021-22 - KS2 Y5-6 D 

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