Introducing the School Governors             

Following the Federation of the school with Belton All Saints Church of England Primary School in June 2019  a single Governing Board was formed. All members of the two original bodies joined the Federated Board. 

The Belton-Wroot Federation Governing Board

Our current membership is:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Mrs S Winkley             Chair of Governors

Mrs T Ashley               Vice Chair (Chair of Resources Committee)

Mrs N Goulthorpe       Executive Headteacher


Mr L Atkinson              Co-opted (Chair of Whole School Performance Committee)

Mrs N Brumby            Co-opted

Mrs M Collett               Foundation

Mrs J Currie                 Foundation

Mrs C Elderkin             Parent

Mrs K Fox                    Co-opted

Mr S Holt                     Co-opted

Mrs E Judge                Staff

Rev P Wilson              Ex Officio Foundation

Mrs J Snell                  Co-opted

Mrs T Tabrah              Foundation

Mr G Wayte                Co-opted

Mrs C Saunders

Mrs D Bews

Mrs M Allen


 Members of the Governing Board can be contacted through the school office at either Belton or Wroot.

Belton All Saints - 01427 872391

Wroot Travis - 01302 770251


The Governing Board works to ensure that the school provides a good quality of education for all its pupils. Governors work in partnership with the Headteacher to set the strategic direction of the school. Governors have three main roles: to provide strategic direction for the school; to act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and to ensure accountability

A formal meeting is held once a term for the full Governing Body. There are two committees, Resources and Whole School Performance,  both hold a further meeting each term to discuss issues such as personnel, finance, H&S, school curriculum and performance.

Governors are drawn from different areas of the community including parents, the local authority, the church and wider community and staff representatives. 

Each year Governors are asked to sign a Code of Conduct which outlines and clarifies their roles and responsibilities ensuring the Body functions efficiently. Training is available and Governors seek to ensure that the body as a whole have the appropriate knowledge and skills to fulfil the role. Click here to see the Governors Training Record.

Click Here to see the Governors' Declaration of Pecuniary Interests and Attendance Data


Parents are welcome to contact a Governor directly. If you wish to write to a specific Governor or the body as a whole, this can be done by clearly addressing the letter and handing it into the school office.

Contact us

Field Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN9 2BN

01302 770251