Martial Arts and the PSHCE curriculum

In our school we use Martial Arts to help us deliver the PHSCE curriculum across KS1 and KS2.


 Positive Relationships are developed, particularly positive peer influences, attitudes towards bullying behaviour, including understanding what constitutes bullying, personal responsibility not to bully others and developing resilience strategies to lessen the impact of bullying.  Martial Arts is based on self-defence and children are never encouraged to be be aggressive towards others-quite the opposite.


Healthy Lifestyles are promoted through the physical activity.  Many children have enjoyed the in-school sessions so much that they now continue the activity out of school and some attend an After School Club to further their skills. It is good to see them developing the skills of independence and self motivation


Children have to work alone, with a partner and within a group developing their interdependence skills.


Children are introduced and constantly reminded about safeguarding themselves and the confidence  and self awareness that Martial Arts develops is designed to ensure that children do not put themselves into 'difficult' situations but also equips them with the skills to deal with some of those issues should they arrive.

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