In our school we believe that Martial Arts helps to fulfil all the aims of the National Curriculum for PE:


1.     Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

2.     Be physically active for a sustained period of time

3.     Engage in a competitive sport and activity

4.     Lead a healthy active life.



Due to the limitations of our small school and current lack of gym equipment, Martial Arts allows us to develop some of the skills that could otherwise be neglected.


It helps children to develop flexibility, balance, agility and co-ordination and gives them the opportunity to apply them through Martial Arts.  They are taught to vary the way they perform their skills by using tactics and different movements.  They have lots of opportunity to observe, describe and copy what others have done.


The children are encouraged to build on existing skills as they develop new ones and are taught to develop the control and quality of their work.  They take part in sparring sessions that help them develop their precision, speed, power and stamina


They have the opportunity to play team games, are encouraged to play by the rules and learn a range of movement patterns (forms) which range from the very simple to the complex.


The children are also given the opportunity to compare their performance with previous ones. They are taught how to improve their performance in order to achieve their personal best and hopefully achieve their next Martial Arts belt at the regular grading session. They are taught that intensity, strength and power are the key factors in making their performance effective.



A warm up and cool down session develops their knowledge and understanding of fitness and health and they are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing for Martial Arts, with some children choosing to sport their latest belt!



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