Writing at Wroot Travis


What writing looks like at our school?

Our approach to writing within school, is that we believe teaching our children to understand that the power and the skills involved in writing, is an important part of our job as teachers. We believe that if we equip the children with the correct writing tools, they will be able to use them effectively as they move through school and into adulthood, ready for the wider world.

We strive to provide children with exciting, purposeful and inspiring contexts in which to become writers, we provide good quality modelling of writing across our school, we always give encouragement, support, guidance and celebrate children’s work and achievements within writing.


Our expectations in school

We have developed very clear and high expectations of writing from all the children, based on the level they are suitably working at. We share these targets to the children daily. At Wroot Travis Primary we have high expectations for the finished piece of writing produced, and we like to encourage the children to maintain the same standards at all times. To reinforce this, we celebrate their achievements with the ‘Writing Wall of Fame’ where examples of work are chosen to share with the school, or where a child has reached a personal writing target. The children can also receive awards such as ‘Handwriting Heroes’ in Key Stage 1, and children in Key Stage 2 can receive a ‘Pen License.’ The children are setting themselves goals in writing which is lovely to see, and we are enjoying supporting them in their journey to become established writers.


Provision within our school

Within the school we use schemes to support and plan our lessons. We currently use a combination of the ‘Focus’ scheme to plan topics and writing units, as well as the ‘Active Learn’ website. To plan and develop children’s understanding of Spelling and Grammar we have recently purchased the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ and ‘No Nonsense Grammar’ which helps to deliver regular short, sharp sessions each week.


Opportunities for writing within our school

Children across the school have access to many writing opportunities to enhance and develop their skills. Writing has also shown that it can be a very therapeutic and mindfulness activity.

We provide the following opportunities:

  • Writing activities in each area of the EYFS e.g. note pads in the reading area and role play areas, to record their ideas and write lists;
  • Chalk writing within phonics sessions;
  • Termly writing challenges linked to home;
  • Morning journals to write about thoughts, feelings and adventures;
  • Writing tasks within their children weekly ‘Reading workshop;’
  • Writing challenges set on the DB Primary site;
  • Writing tasks in other areas of the curriculum e.g. Topic work, Science and RE lessons.

Contact us

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