Ofsted says "Wroot Travis Primary Is A Good School". We offer personal and individual education.


Our vision

At Wroot Travis Primary we believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to have at least two hours of high quality P.E. a week.  We hope to instill the importance sport plays in life long fitness, health and well-being.  We value sport and recognise the role it plays in developing friendships, fun and teamwork.  As a school we want to create a buzz about physical activities where every child feels confident and ready to participate.


P.E in our school

With the completion of our new classrooms in October 2013, we are now enjoying the use of a designated indoor space for our P.E. lessons. If the weather is poor or when delivering the gymnastic curriculum element, we have a space which we can call 'the hall'.

Our first job was to remove the carpet that covered the floor and replace it with something more suited to P.E.  This was completed over the Easter holidays and children are now benefiting from this for their weekly martial arts sessions.

Participation in PE in addition to the normal curriculum has increased:

25% attend at least one sports related after school club each week

15% attend 4 Gifted and Talented sessions each year

100% attend sports competitions with other schools from our cluster

100% attend skills sessions with other schools from our cluster.


Primary Sport Premium

From September 2013 every primary school received a Primary Sport Premium. At Wroot our 2016/17 premium was £8155.  A summary of spending follows:

  • 4.3% on a comprehensive scheme of work.
  • 30% on external sports coaches.
  • 31% on ensuring fit for purpose hall flooring.
  • 12% on upgrading or replacing equipment.
  • 22.7 % on staffing to support external sports events.


 Our intention for the next round of funding will be to:

  • Raise the profile of PE in school.
  • Improve every child's experience of PE.
  • Increase school sport and competition.
  • Increase the physical activity of young people to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Primary Sports Premium 2016/17

Ist part of grant                                              £4,757.00

2nd part of grant                                           £3,398.00

Total grant                                                £8155.00

Monies Raised by School                              £2182.65

Monies carried f/wd from last year           £3,670.00

Total Monies Available                     £14,007.65


Gold SLA South Axholme - Liz Notman                          £2,500.00

Kerry Mason - TA3 2 Hrs plus on costs                            £1,120.00

Transport for Sports Events                                                  £635.00

Sports Water Bottles                                                                  £54.50

Outdoor Gym                                                                         £8,337.15

Total Spend                                           £12,646.65                

Balance to carry f/wd to next year                                      £1,361.00              

Primary Sports Premium Budget 2017/2018                £16,260.00

Total to Spend                                       £17,361.00


How will we use this money effectively?


  • Our school has bought into the North Lincs School Sports Network which will promote links between schools within North Lincolnshire, both Primary and Secondary Schools. The network will provide support for our school in order to implement our action plan.
  • Replace our hall flooring, in order to have a fit for purpose space for indoor physical education lessons.


Main areas of our action plan will include:


  • Staff training, continued professional development courses for staff, coaching and mentoring tuition for staff and children.
  • Development of the role of  Young Sport Leaders (Ambassadors).
  • To ensure that all children receive an outstanding PE curriculum we will be looking to improve and develop high quality teaching of dance and gymnastics across KS1 and KS2.

 Participation and Attainment


As a result of this funding pupils have:

  • Participated all year round due to indoor facility
  • Accessed specialist skills from P.E. professionals
  • Made progress and attained age related expectations due to focused planning 
  • Attainment more closely assessed to provide paired teacher assessment