School Curriculum

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Maths Curriculum 

Maths Calculation Policy

Reading scheme for Key Stage 1 and 2

The reading schemes that we use in school are the Oxford Reading Scheme and Collins. Once the children are competent in reading they are encouraged to read a wide range of literature.


KS1 Long Term Plans

Long Term Plan - KS1 A                                           Long Term Plan - KS1 B.doc

KS2 Long Term Plans

Long Term Plan 2014 - KS2 Y3-4 A                          Long Term Plan 2014 - KS2 Y5-6 A

Long Term Plan 2015 - KS2 Y3-4 B                         Long Term Plan 2015 - KS2 Y5-6 B

Long Term Plans 2016 - KS2 Y3-4 C                       Long Term Plan 2016 - KS2 Y5-6 C

Long Term Plan 2017 - KS2 Y3-4 D                        Long Term Plan 2017 - KS2 Y5-6 D

Science Updates: 

  1. Updated the section on light, in the year 3 programme of study, within the document and HTML information.
  2. Added science programme of study for key stage 4.
  3. First published.

Design & Technology Curriculum

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